All students can use the school canteen. The food is prepared daily at the facilities themselves, and the menu conforms to a balanced diet supervised by nutrition experts. A wide variety of dishes is offered from which students can choose each day and include salads, soups, pasta, rice, stews, meat and fish. Hot sandwiches and a variety of snacks are also offered, in addition to fruit and yogurts.

In Secondary, you can choose between buying tickets in advance in the cafeteria or paying the consumption every day. During recess you can buy hot and cold snacks in the cafeteria.

We recommend that you read the presentation of the new company, Aramark, which shows sample menus in which special dietary needs are taken into account:


NB: Lunes 19 de abril – Filete de merluza andaluza en lugar de perca empanizada.
Martes 20 de abril – SECUNDARIO – segunda opción la perca empanizada en lugar del filete de merluza andaluza.