Our excellent boarding accommodation boasts a secure and spacious site where Boarders can enjoy the benefits of superb accommodation, on-site study support and excellent relaxation and recreational opportunities.

The Boarding House Parents are highly supportive, qualified and experienced. They will identify and promote each student’s individuality, monitor and guide academic progress by encouraging good study and learning skills and deal promptly and sympathetically with any personal situations that may arise.

In the Boarding House, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for themselves, their own bedrooms and living space and the decisions they make daily. They will learn about accountability in terms of their personal choices and will be motivated to be the best they can in all areas of their growth and development as well as in their academic students. We see student achievement as an individual goal and provide them with the best guidance, support and inspiration in helping them achieve those goals. Students are urged to seek mutual support from within their own student peer groups as they enjoy the dynamics and diversity of an exciting International Boarding Community.