Clubs de primaria

Las Actividades Extraescolares o Plus Clubs, se imparten todos las tardes en el Primary School. Hay una gran variedad de actividades para elegir como, Karate, natación, manualidades, interpretación, tenis, fútbol y muchas más. Todas las clases se imparten fuera del horario escolar y en las instalaciones del colegio. ¡Los profesores de los Plus Clubs son grandes profesionales y con una gran motivación para que los niños lo pasen en grande!

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Mrs Spencer

In Lego club the children work together to improve their fine motor skills and develop creativity. Playing with Lego can also help to develop problem solving, communication and planning skills. It’s also fantastic fun for all ages!


Elliot Morton

The mission of Washinkai Karate is to promote partnerships between students and instructors and to provide opportunity to achieve full potential in the study of karate-do. The club is available to all children from Foundation 2. A student who is awarded a belt under Washinkai Karate will find that their grading is recognised throughout Spain, the UK and Europe and that their Black Belt grading is recognised Worldwide by the World Karate Federation.


Miss Henaghan and Sr.Rodriguez

Swimming allows children from all years to progress further with their confidence and stroke development in the water. We use the Swim England Duckling and Learn to Swim stages (1 to 7) to help develop each child ready for competitive swimming. Once awarded, certificates and badges can be purchased. We also work in conjunction with our LES Sports team and where appropriate can enter children into some local competitions.


Mr Moody

What is coding? Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, and this website – they are all made with code. Coding, in the simplest of terms, is telling a computer what you want it to do, which involves typing in step-by-step commands for the computer to follow.
Using computers and tablets, students learn to write and sequence instructions using drag and drop programming and basic JavaScript. They create interactive games, stories and animations, and solve fun puzzles.
The benefits of learning coding at a young age are enormous and include the development of problem-solving skills, computational thinking, persistence, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of a range of mathematical concepts and language.


Mrs MacLachlan

In Craft club we enjoy making many crafty objects. We have started this week to make a stain glass window which we will finish next week. We will also be doing many more exciting things such as clay modelling, painting and much more.

Ball games

Mr Shelley

Ball Games is a fun and varied club open to all children in Key Stage 2. The children themselves get to choose which games they play each week, they even make up their own games; as long as the game involves a ball, we’ll play it! We have played football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, cricket, rounders, tennis, tag rugby and the hugely popular “Dodgeball”. If your child would like to have fun and develop their skills, then sign them up for Tuesday afternoon Ball Games club!. They will have a great time.

Performing Arts

Mrs Glister

The Performing Arts Club builds confidence and musical awareness through participation  in drama games, vocal warm ups and dance choreography. The pupils then use these skills to rehearse and perform a mini musical at the end of the term!


Español Iniciación

Srta Almorox

Spanish is fun! Games, songs and interactive activities will allow children to learn and practise their Spanish in a relaxed and fun environment.


Mrs MacLachlan

We have a fantastic time in cooking. Our little chef´s make anything from pizzas, chocolate  rice crispy cakes, to pancakes and manymore recipes. At the end of the class everyone enjoys feasting on what they have made.


Mrs Millington

LAMDA is a club which helps children prepare for their LAMDA exam (there is an extra cost to be paid for the exam). The LAMDA exam is the speech and drama equivalent of a music grade. The exams cover a range of disciplines including acting, devising drama, miming, speaking verse and prose, reading for performance, using spoken English, speaking in public, and musical theatre.


Dylan Mary Tennis Academy

This program is designed for young players to learn the basics and work on hand-eye coordination in tennis. They will enjoy learning in a fun environment. No extra equipment is required.

Friday Fun

Mrs MacLachlan

At the end of the week  we have so much fun in Friday Fun Club. The children have free play where theyare able to play with anything they like, such as:ball games, painting, water play and ‘playing’ in the home corner in the classroom.


Miss Henaghan

Games  is a very energetic after-school activity which allows children to play new and exciting games. Games such as: Blocky, Capture the Flag, King Ball, Bulldog, Cops and Robbers, Swamp ball, are all very popular. This club allows children to further practise their movement literacy skills in a fun and relaxed environment.