La Conferencia Modelo de Naciones Unidas en Los Países Bajos, Una Experiencia Fantástica para nuestros Alumnos

13 febrero 2019

Veintiocho alumnos de Year 10 a Year 13 viajaron a Amersfoort en Los Países Bajos para asistir al FAMUN 2019, la Conferencia Modelo de Naciones Unidas de la Academia Farel.

Fue una experiencia increíble para todos en la que debatieron, presionaron, escribieron resoluciones y aprendieron a trabajar en equipo, actuando como delegados para el país correspondiente de la MUN. Durante los tres días que duró la conferencia, discutieron sobre varios temas distintos, desde combatir la violencia sexual en zonas de conflicto, a mantener una biodiversidad marina saludable en aguas contaminadas. En algunas ocasiones tuvieron que hablar delante de más de 100 delegados, presentando sus argumentos y contestando preguntas en la ronda de preguntas. ¡Fue una oportunidad excelente para mejorar sus habilidades para hablar en público, debatir, trabajar en equipo y hacer amigos nuevos de todo el mundo!

Para ver más fotos pinches en la siguiente imagen: 

Some of the pupils responses after their trip:

The delegation of the State of Israel expresses its sincere gratitude to all delegations present, as well as our two MUN directors, for their dedication and commitment to this conference. The fact that Palestine recognised Israel as a state shows that during this conference many very productive and exciting debates were held, and that everything can be achieved by peaceful dialogue and diplomacy. The delegation would also like to state that the whole trip brought great fun and diversion, and presented an opportunity for getting to know many other delegations and delegates. A plethora of gratitude to everyone who made this magnificent experience possible, and, for the first time, the delegation is not open to any points of information. Thanks to everyone once more and good night! Victor

The delegation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh would like to thank all delegates here present for their effort and  commitment. This has been a great experience and will sure miss the good fun we all had. Also thanks to our MUN directors Mrs Wickman and  Sra Triviño for caring so much for all of us. This is my last year in school, but would love to join the delegation next year if possible as an ex student and repeat this great MUN.


Honestly some of the best fun I’ve had in a long time. It was great spending time and really getting to know people from our school and those from around the world. Thank you for the amazing opportunity 


Thank you Mrs Wickman and Sra Triviño for organizing such an amazing trip. And we really did have fun in the FAMUN. It is so good not only learn how to debate, but also a good chance to have a glance at Amsterdam. The delegation of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela would like to thank honorable teachers and distinguished delegates presented for their time. Good night. — 

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